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About Miresi

Born in Verona, Miresi lives between Garda and Berlin. A student of Nurdio Trentini, she studied art in Verona and graduated in Literature in Geneva. Her artistic activity took the shape of methodological continuity at the beginning of the 80's. In 1983 she was invited to the "Arcaici di fine secolo" exhibition, in which the curator, Giorgio Cortenova, delineated
a synthetic panorama of new Abstract art, the alternative, in those years, to triumphant Figurative art. Miresi distinguished herself as protagonist of those new studies that rejected the theorems of post-Modern theories.
In 1986 she was present at the exhibitions "La secessione astratta degli anni Ottanta" (Umbertide) and "Energia e lirismo" (Galeria del Milione, Milan), which unites Dorazio, Turcato, Verna, Pinelli, Miresi and Celeste under a profile
of ideal continuity. In 1988 she participated in "Astratta. Secessioni astratte in Italia dal dopoguerra al 1990" (Palazzo Forti, Verona; Palazzo della Permanente, Milan; Kunsthalle, Darmstadt), curated by G. Cortenova. In 1990 she took part in the exhibition entitled "Colore-struttura, una linea italiana, 1945-1990", held in Prato and curated by L. Caramel and E. Mascelloni. From the second half of the 90's Miresi’s painting encounters iconic themes within which her artistic language expands in a heated dialectic between space and surface – a problem that begun with experiences in Abstract art, today finds within itself the revelation of the image of identifiable everyday shapes and forms. Since 2010 Miresi has developed her passion for photography.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2020 | "Glances and Architectures", Musei Capitolini, Centrale Montemartini, Rome, Italy.

2020 | "Glances and Architectures", GAM Gallery of Modern Art, Rome, Italy.

2016 | "OPEN 19, International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations", Hilton Hotel, Venice, Italy.

2015 | Deutsch-Russisches Museum, Karlshorst-Berlin, Germany.

2014 | "OPEN 17, International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations", San Servolo Island, Venice, Italy.

2014 | ACIT, Palazzo Albrizzi, Venice, Italy.

2013 | "Hidden life", Factory Art Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

2011/2012 | Deutsche Bank, Berlin, Germany.

2010 | Italian Cultural Institute, Kopenaghen, Denmark.

2009 | Maria Skelling Gallery, Kopenaghen, Denmark.

2005 | Altes Rathaus, Potsdamm, Germany.

2004 | Italian Cultural Institute, Berlin, Germany.

2002 | Italian Cultural Institute, Wolfsburg, Germany. Hinterhäuser-Lüder, Germany.

2000 | Vinck e Hertin, Berlin, Germany.

Italian Cultural Institute, Berlin, Germany.

Freundschaftsinsel, Potsdam, Germany.

1999 | Comune de Bergamo, ex chiesa di Sant'Agostino, Bergamo, Italy.

1998 | Investitions Bank, Berlin, Germany.

WFP, Berlin, Germany.

1997 | Galleria dell’Officina, Brescia, Italy.

1995 | A&A Contemporary Art, Luino, Italy.

1994 | Les Chances de l’Art Gallery, Bolzano, Italy.

1993 | Giulia Gallery, Rome, Italy.

1990 | 2E Gallery, Suzzara, Italy.

Artra Studio, Milan, Italy.

Nadar Gallery, Verona, Italy.

1989 | La Giarina Gallery, Verona, Italy.

1988 | Break Gallery, Rome, Italy.

1987 | Il Traghetto Gallery, Venice.

Mèta Gallery, Bolzano, Italy.

1985 | Arte Fiera, Cinquetti Gallery, Bologna, Italy.

1984 | Cinquetti Gallery, Verona, Italy.

Artra Studio, Milan, Italy.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022| "Miresi | Radici, À Rebours", Scala Contarini del Bovolo, Venice, Italy.

2020| "DomaniInArte", GAM Gallery of Modern Art, Rome, Italy.
2014 | Yvon Lambert Gallery, Paris, France.

2012 | Rotes Rathaus, Berlin, Germany.

2009 | Yvon Lambert Gallery, Paris, France.

2007 | Yvon Lambert Gallery, Paris, France.

1998 | "Himmels-Achse", Prisma-Haus, Berlin, Germany.

1997 |"Ich bin ein Berliner", St. Matthäuskirche, Berlin, Germany.

1991 | La Nuova Città Gallery, Brescia, Italy.

1990 | Studio Erre, Rome, Italy.

"Color-Structure, an Italian Line, 1945-1990", Palazzo Pretorio, Prato, Italy.

International exhibition of graphics “Color Card”, Udine, Italy.

1989 | "International Contemporary Art", Synthèse Gallery, Milan, Italy.

"Art 20’ 89", Synthèse Gallery, Basel, Switzerland.

"New Acquisitions", Gallery of Modern Art, Spoleto, Italy.

1988 | "Abstract. Abstract Secessions in Italy from the Postwar Period to 1990", Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Palazzo Forti, Verona, Italy.

Palazzo della Permanente, Milan, Italy.

Kunsthalle, Darmstadt, Germany.

"Between Heaven and Earth - The Abstract Epiphany Between Colour and Non-color", Studio La Città, Verona, Italy.

"Time and the Temple", Montichiari, Italy.

"The Pictorial Imagination", Villa Pellizzari, Lucca, Italy.

"Preview - A day of art in Milan", Artra Studio, Milan, Italy.

1987 | "Archaicity and Abstraction", Unimedia Gallery, Genova, Italy.

"Ecology", Unesco, Verona Italy.

"VIII Biennial of Contemporary Art", Piacenza, Italy.

"Index", Museo Civico, Paternò, Italy.

"Art in Revolt, Nimes, France.

1986 | "Archaic Abstraction and Surroundings", La Loggia Gallery, Bologna, Italy.

"Art as a Visitation of Abstract-Informal Languages", XI National Quadrennial of Art, Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome, Italy.

"The Science of Art", Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice, Italy.

"The Abstract Secession of the 1980s", Umbertide, Italy.

"Energy and Lyricism", Million Gallery, Milan, Italy.

1985 | "Glances Towards the Northwest", Palazzo dei Diamanti, Ferrara, Italy.

1984 | Art Fair, Cinquetti Gallery, Milan, Italy.

"Kunstmesse", Artra Studio, Base, Switzerland.

"Archaic Abstraction", La Virgola Gallery, Fabriano, Italy.

"Dear Juliet", Municipal Gallery of Modern Art, Verona, Italy.

1983 | Triveneta's Biennial of Art, Villa Simes, Piazzola sul Brenta, Italy.

"Verona, a Disturbing Painting", Museo Pavillon, Salzburg, Austria.

Termoli Price, Civic Gallery, Termoli, Italy.

"Archaics from the Turn of the Century", Artra Studio, Milan, Italy.

Cinquetti Gallery, Verona, Italy.

1982 | Termoli Price, Civic Gallery, Termoli, Italy.

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