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Curated by Andrea Ongaro


Factory-Art Gallery

26th April - 25th May 2013


Miresi is a multifaceted artist. Since the beginning of her career until today, she passed through different stages, always with original artistic proposals. Born and grown up in an abstract ambit, she changed direction towards figurativism, in her very own and unmistakable way. In light of her previous experiences and although the abstract and the figurative approach could sound antithetical to someone, her artistic curve has conserved an incredible expressive coherence. Looking at her paintings, Miresi fs individual cipher is immediately recognizable, whichever the visual category we want to ascribe her work is.
In the last years, though going on with her development as a painter, she found herself experimenting with photography. The expressive means mark again and necessarily a split, in the outcomes and in the approach, which doesn ft impede to the artist to conserve her typical cipher though. Miresi fs photographic production explains clearly that the eye builds the image and not the expressive technique we rely on, be it painting or photography. It fs not easy to explain at which latitude of the perception Miresi fs expressive joyrides fell. The altogether occurs on a sentimental and emotive level, for everyone intimate and diverse, but anyway effortlessly identifiable and unique in the work of the artist.
From a more analytical point of view, Miresi fs coherence is always in the intensity of the lines and in the purest composition. Whether the subject is painted or photographed, abstract or figurative, the whole is a pretext to outline a formal architecture that overlooks the medium and goes straight to the creation of a well-balanced, almost-to-be-listened counterpoint. Thus the distance that occupies the canvas between an eye and an ear, becomes the field of election for a materic explosion of the colour, the photo of a building becomes a completely abstracted evidence in spite of the concrete fs obviousness and the abstract shapes of a painting take us to a geometrical synthesis of reality and senses.
The exhibition that Factory Art Gallery is glad to present, features chosen works of the artist realized between the eighties and more recent days. It fs an anthological presentation of the versatile artist fs production that, beside photographic and painted pieces, shows new works never exhibited before. The exhibition is not only a chance to retrace the extraordinary career of the artist, but also offers the possibility to look out onto her latest production.


Andrea Ongaro

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