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Curated by Margot Blank

Deutsch-Russisches Museum, Berlin

17 September - 01 November 2015

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"They are gone", this is the first reaction while regarding the photos of Miresi. We are looking into rooms in which once lived humans. While considering the decay of this technical facilities, we can imagine the hard work inside. We are finding everyday objects. The leal trays of a canteen have lost only a few from their lightning power. What they may have carried? Large concrete areas are fallow in front of us. But the sprout weeds testify the life, which nevertheless is still present, and the shrunken walls make free a passage, no more a barrier. We step through, we take all in our possession with our eyes.

They are gone. Since 20 years the russian soldiers left Berlin-Karlshorst. Nearly for half a century this district was a restricted area, military basis and headquarter of secret service of the KGB. At the 8th of May, 1945 here was signed the unconditional capitulation of Germany. The war in Europe was over. Now the Soviet military administration for Germany resided in this peaceful Berlin suberb. The Berlin Brigade, a little army with canons and tanks, left Hermany in 1994. Since then their traces are disappearing.

Dr. Jörg Morré


Germa-Russian Museum, Berlin-Karlshorst

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